Boho festival wedding in Germany

This boho festival wedding in Germany is the perfect example of making your wedding day personal and how YOU want it to be like. In everything from the ceremony spot, the wedding dress and down to the smallest details in the decor. This wedding, on the island Borkum located in northwestern Germany, gives you tons of inspiration for your boho wedding. The couple will also share their story and thoughts for the planning process!


Couple standing and cheering in front of the entrance to their boho festival wedding in Germany


Kimberly designed and painted everything herself. Pressing flowers, collecting feathers, tearing the edges of the cards and decorating them with gold paint. They used grass paper for the map of the wedding, which is a more eco friendly option. They had it printed with help from her bridesmaid Lisa.

Kimberly about the style for the wedding stationary:
“It was important to us that our colors and the style of the wedding were represented in the stationary too. For example, we used flowers that we also had in the wedding decorations”.



The day started with Kimberly getting ready in their loving home. By her side she had her friend and bridesmaid Lisa who also helped her with her dress before leaving for the wedding.

Boho bride sitting down in the light of the window getting ready before the bohemian wedding in Germany

Bride standing faced to the window while bridesmaid buttons her lace boho dress before the wedding



Kimberly’s experience from their first look:
“Since Tobi doesn’t like being the center of attention, I wanted to take the pressure off and walk together with him to the ceremony. During our first look I was pretty solid – when the time came I couldn’t really cry because Tobi was extremely emotional and I focused on supporting him first. For me personally – this was one of the most emotional moments in our relationship”.

Tobi’s experience from their first look:
“I was super nervous while I stood in the sand dunes waiting! Then when she tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around, I was so blown away. I couldn’t hold back the tears and was just so incredibly happy”.

Groom in green suit at Bohemian Festival Wedding in Germany



They wanted to get married in the open air in the sand dunes and had asked a farmer if they could use a meadow that was located in front of the dunes. Plan B (always have a plan B in case of heavy rain!) was to have it on the festival site under the tent. But luckily the sun was shining all day so they could have the ceremony in the meadow as planned!

From the start they had told me about their wedding arch. And how it represented them in such a special way. With half of it being dried plants representing Kimberly and the other half being green plants representing Tobi.


Lisa, Kimberlys bridesmaid, was their officiant and her words about them made everyone tear up. She talked about their history and their love. How Kimberly is the wild adventurous soul, like the sea and the waves. And Tobi being the the rock that always stands steady in the winds.

They had their friend singing and playing during the ceremony (one of the songs being “Foo Fighters – Everlong” gave this Foo Fighters fan total GOOSEBUMPS!). Live music just brings so much feels to the ceremony. If you’re thinking about it – just do it!

Couple walking to the ceremony spot during their outdoor festival wedding in Germany

Guest hands the wedding couple a handkerchief during the outdoor ceremony in Borkum Germany

Boho wedding couple kissing in front of wedding arch triangle in wood during ceremony outdoors in Germany

While their friend played Guns n’ roses – Sweet child of mine, they walked back out from the ceremony while guests were throwing dried flowers (another great eco friendly option!).

After the ceremony, which lasted about 30 minutes, they had a little mingling with beers and snacks. A perfect way to make it more relaxed and fun. It’s also a great way to make sure the guests (and the couple!) get some energy between the ceremony and dinner. Especially when getting married in the summer – a cold drink is very appreciated!

Bohemian wedding couple walking down the aisle during their outdoor festival wedding in Germany

Groom kiss bride in retro car after the ceremony in Borkum Germany



There are a few things you can do to get that extra relaxed and fun festival vibe – and these two did it all!

When guests arrived they got a wristband just like you would at a festival. There were different areas at the whole venue for the guests to hang out and have a good time. Such as their van being a photo booth, lots of games to play, food trucks with different food etc. It really set the relaxed feel of the day straight away!


They also went all in on more personal details. Like the Harry Potter inspired details, dried plants mixed with fresh greenery and the rustic bar that was inside an old stable. Outside the bar there was a big seating area with magical flower decorations in their colors. Together it all created a rustic boho feel and real festival vibe!


Wedding couple walks through entrance to their bohemian festival wedding in Germany

The couple’s thoughts about the venue:
“You could go to the bar and listen to rock music, chill on a couch there or raid the candy bar. Outside was the food truck, ice cream truck, soup bar and a beer truck. We had decorated tables in the center of the grounds and areas to play different games! There was a stage on an old wagon where you could play beer pong or even chill in a glamping tent. If you felt like moving, you went to the party tent with the dance floor and listened to techno under the glow in the dark stars. Just chilling around the campfire had it’s charm!”.


“This was an old stable for our previous foals. We chose this venue because we didn’t want to leave the wedding party in someone else’s hands because we are people who do a lot ourselves. It was a huge challenge, because it wasn’t a nice old barn, but we had to do a lot (hang fairy lights everywhere, cover the walls with lengths of fabric…). We had borrowed a glamping tent and had a large sailcloth tent made of old sails for the center of the venue.

We were able to get rugs, couches, etc from the bulky waste, but they were in good shape and matched the boho theme. We had to build a lot ourselves, like the whole counter area, the tables with stands for the flowers on top etc. But it was more important to us to be able to create something that suited us and that we had no limitations in our ideas. Since it was our own property we could set it up and schedule it however we wanted, it took so much pressure off!”.

Wedding couple walks in to wedding venue at their outdoor festival wedding with sail stretch tent and hanging flower arrangements

A bohemian festival wedding in Borkum Germany with Harry Potter theme and food truck


Kimberlys second bridesmaid, who is a florist, made the bouquet and floral arrangements. They chose the flowers together and sticked to their mix of dried flowers and greenery in all of it. There were minimal colors in the bouquet (mostly warm earthy tones and some black details).

Kimberly about getting dried flowers for the wedding:
“We borrowed most of the dried flowers or collected them ourselves. The pampas grass was cut in February, so we drove around the island and collected and dried/stored people’s cuts!”.



Having a buffet or food trucks at your wedding gives a more relaxed feeling to the wedding day. Guests can choose between different kinds of food which can make it a bit easier to make sure there’s something for everyone. If you also decide to not have assigned seats – it will be even more festival feels!

Tobi about the food:
“Good food = good vibes! We didn’t have a seating plan and the food trucks was open from 17:00 to 00:00 for everyone. Then we had sweets and pretzels for snacks! Everyone could get something to eat whenever they wanted which made the atmosphere so relaxed!”.

A bohemian festival wedding in Borkum Germany with Harry Potter theme and food truck


Get inspiration from their timeline when planning your own boho festival wedding!

10:00 Kimberly facial/relaxation
10:00 – 13:00 Tobi helps with the location
12:00 Hairdresser Kimberly at home
13:00 Tobi gets ready with his sister
13:00 Kimberly make-up
14.00 Preparations Kimberly
14:30 Departure for first look
14:45 First look – 5 minute walk to the ceremony
15.00 – 15.30 Wedding ceremony
15:30 – 16:00 Congratulations
16.00 Family photos
17.00 Reception at the festival site
17.30 Food truck opens
19.30 Mini couples session
20.00 Opening the Dance floor / First dance
00.00 Stick bread
05.00 The party is over


Polaroid camera at festival wedding in Borkum Germany with Harry Potter theme and food truck


Kimberly had a beautiful bohemian custom-made wedding dress. She wanted to feel comfortable throughout the day and be able to wear it all day and night.


“The first thing that came up was the idea of the dress, which I worked on together with my seamstress over the course of a year. Then the accessories came piece by piece. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to wear my hair down mostly because it’s more my style. I had no exact idea from the beginning. Everything just came together piece by piece like a puzzle. Sustainability was also important to me. For example; the shoes I wore were chosen so that I could wear them after the wedding too. My extra pair of shoes were my used cowboy boots and I also wore my existing leather jacket”.


“My favorite color is green. Therefore, it was important to me that I wore a green jacket on the wedding day. I left everything else to Kimberly – she’s the pro! She went for what I liked; like a shirt made of linen but with short sleeves because I easily get warm. And that my shoes were Vans!”.


Wedding couple walking hand in hand in the evening sun on the field during their festival wedding in Borkum Germany


Kimberly and Tobi’s focus during the whole planning process was “bohemian festival”. They wanted it to feel personal and to represent them and who they are.

Their best tip for you who are planning a full wedding day outdoor is: think about the power supply part!

“Check the power supply and plan enough connections and generators if you are having everything outdoors with no house connection nearby. Especially if you are planning on having bigger things like food trucks! Luckily, we had experts around to help and rescued the tangle of cables.


Bohemian festival vibes were our motto. But we also wanted everything to reflect on us in the details. Whether it was the dance floor with black lights (representing Tobi) or the bar playing rock music (representing Kimberly). We didn’t want to put up a show, we wanted to make it personal, and reflect what we both like”.

Outdoor boho festival wedding in Borkum Germany with Harry Potter theme and food truck


“Walking around the festival grounds arm in arm and seeing all the happy people celebrating the day!”.

“The party! We only invited people who were close to us, so there was never an awkward moment!”.

Hanging floral arrangements at boho festival wedding in Borkum Germany with Harry Potter theme and food truck


Kimberly’s final tips for you planning a wedding:
“Think about what kind of person you are. If you are creative, then take on the tasks that suit you and are fun. Everything else – leave it! Otherwise, you will only be stressed! Plan plenty of time and don’t make the schedule to tight. Treat yourself to a rest the day before the wedding! We had a couple photo shoot with Linnsej Photography the night before on the beach. This took all the pressure off and we could just look forward to the wedding!”.


Second shooter: Kajsa Charlotta Studios
Flowers: Marie Willerts
Dress: Das Schneiderhaus



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