Wedding 2019/2020

Congrats you guys!

You have an amazing day ahead of you, perhaps one of the most important ones of your life. A day well worth to be captured so that you through the images can relive that exact moment over and over again.
I will capture your wedding day with a warm feeling and focus on telling the story of you. The story of how beautiful it was, and how amazing it felt. I want to tell a story, YOUR story. I want to create images that you can look at in 50 years, images that make you remember the feelings during your wedding day. The excitement, the nervousness and the joy. I have a true passion for capturing those little moments in between, the excitement while getting ready for your day, the warm moments with your family and friends after the ceremony, but most of all - the love between the two of you.
If you too love images filled with raw emotions and love, if you love lots of hugs, want your day captured not just for what it looked like but how it really felt. Then I would love to get to know you more!


focusing on the emotions and the love

a wedding photographer who;

-captures the details and excitement while getting ready for your big day
-makes you relax and truly enjoy and have fun during the portrait session
-sneaks around and is like a “fly on the wall” during your day
-captures the dancymoves on the dance floor when you are celebrated with your best friends and family

so, who is linn aka linnsej?

I’m a creative and happy soul who grew up both on the west coast and in the deep forests of Sweden. But I also feel that my beloved London still is like a second home since I lived there a few years back. I feel the same way about beautiful Italy. After spending many summers there as a kid, it has a special place in my heart. And the pasta too of course.
Today I live in Halmstad, a small city on the Swedish west coast, but I love to travel and explore new places in this world and would love to come to capture your love!

There is something magical about the nature and I let it be a big part of my images. To walk in a completely quiet forest when the sun shines through, to see majestic mountains in the distance, to sit on the pier and hear the water hit the shore or se the fog set on the fields like a blanket - this really inspires me.

Besides being a wedding photographer and light-junkie (I get over excited and might jump up and down when seeing the warm golden light as the sun sets goosebumps!) I’m also a proud auntie. I teach my nieces and nephews why both Batman and Pippi Longstocking are the coolest people in this world. I love coffee and vegetarian food, every single movie ever made my Tim Burton and Tarantino, F.R.I.E.N.D.S (obviously!), chocolate and my amazing boyfriend Mikael.

With a style that speaks of true moments, raw emotions and genuine feelings I will capture your wedding day just as it felt. I will capture details from when your getting ready for your wedding, I make you relax and have a good time during the portrait session, I sneak around while your guests celebrate you and your love, I catch grandmas dance moves during the party. I LOVE weddings and my main focus is to capture the true emotions, the feelings and those moments that tells the story of your day.

So how does this work?


1. Questionnaire

I’ll send you a questionnaire where you can tell me more about you and your plans for your day! I want to hear everything! How you met, if you have a specific theme and what’s important to you.


2. meeting

Let’s book a meeting! Either here in Halmstad (with a proper Swedish Fika of course!) or through Skype. We’ll talk more about your expectations and if you have any questions.


3. booking

YAY we are a perfect match to create magic together! I’ll send over the agreement and an invoice of the booking fee. When both you and I have acceptet the agreement and the booking fee is paid - your date is booked!


4. pree-shoot

In all my packages there is a fun preshoot included. This is a perfect opportunity for you to see how easy and FUN it is to be photographed by me! I promise, Many of my couples use this for the invitations or images to print for the wedding day!


5. before

We’ll keep in touch and if you want - let me be a part of your planning! I love it when my couples ask me advice or send me sneak peeks of the dress. A few weeks before the wedding I will contact you to get some more details about your wedding day. All the info I might need I want to know about, to capture your day in the best possible way.


6. wedding day

WOOP WOOP It’s time! Let's create some magic! I will capture your wedding with focus on the true moments and all the love. I want to tell the story of you and your loved ones. It’s gonna be amazing!



After your epic day I will head back to the hotel, back up all the images, eat some chocolate (or lots!). I promise I won’t be able to keep my hands off the images so just whitin a few days I will send you a sneak peek with some images from your day!

LinnsejPhotography_-60 (kopia).jpg


Your images will be delivered within 10 weeks. FIrst you will get access to an online gallery that you can share with friends and family. Then your images will be delivered on an USB to have as extra backup up of your memories.


10 hours

So what’s included?

I want to hear everything about your expectations and plans for your day!

Both before, during and after your wedding day I’m hear for ya! I'm all yours!

You will know how easy and FUN it is to be photographed my me! No stiff poses or awkward-look-into-the-camera-and-smile.
You’ll have a good time - trust me!

For 10 fun hours I will tag along on your epic day! No need to worry if you will remember this or that or if that will be captured or not, I got you covered.

All the selected images from your wedding, delivered in both high resolution and web format.

Your images will be deliverad in your own online gallery with all your memories from your big day!

Your images, safely stored on a beautiful USB for extra backup.

Price 2990

When booking I’ll send you and agreement and invoice with the booking fee (40% of the total price for the package). Your date is booked when I’ve received the signed agreement and the booking fee.

I offer a pre-shoot to all my couples who want to! This can be done the day before the wedding day. After a cup of coffee and going through the schedule, we can head out to have your pre-shoot. I promise - it is fun! There will be lots of cuddles, hugs, running around and just taking a moment to relax and have fun together.

A lot of my couples choose to have the portraits session before the ceremony to be able to have a First Look. That magical moment when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day.
A moment for just the two of you (and I’m just being the thirds wheel a few meters away…). If you prefer to wait to see each other until the ceremony we’ll just have the portrait session after the ceremony.
I recommend you to plan for about 1-1,5 hour fot the portraits. Then we can take it easy, without any stress and even go to more than one location if you’d like. Many of my couples appreciate this session to enjoy the day just the two of them, to let it all sink in that they’ve just got married.

I highly recommend you to plan a short time in the evening to sneak out to take a few images in the beautiful evening light. Just 15 minutes will be enough.
The moment before the sun goes down and the light is so soft and warm - it’s pure magic! It’s called Golden Hour and Magic Hour for a reason!

Through the online gallery you can order photo products of your images. Like beautiful prints and photo boxes. I offer many products with amazing quality so that you can enjoy your images in many years to come.

You want more hours? Sure - you can add more! If you add hours when making the booking, there will be added €200/hour.
If you want to add hours on the wedding day, I can stay up to 3 hours extra for an additional €300/hour.

I always have an assistant and in some cases a second shooter for my weddings. The assistant helps me during the wedding day with mostly logistic things an so on, so that I can stay focused on capturing your day the best way I can. In some cases my assistant also works as a second shooter, to be able to capture more moments from different angles. If you want to be guaranteed a second shooter, let me know and I’ll send you a quote. If I have a second shooter, all the images are delivered by me.

I LOVE to travel and explore new places. Travel and accommodation fees for me and and assistant aren’t included in the price. This will be added on the final invoice of the actual cost.

Mostly your images will be deriverad in colour but some will also be delivered in black and white. Basically because it depends on the light and the colors, some images work well in black and white and some don’t. I LOOOOOVE black and white so don’t worry, there will be a good amount of it.
In general there is about 50 images per hour. Usually just a few days after the wedding I will send you a couple of sneak peeks!

After hours spent by the computer and aaaall your images have gotten some editing-love they are ready to be sent to you (within 10 weeks from your wedding day). The final invoice will be sent to you and when that’s received your images will be delivered in an online gallery. After you’ve looked through all your beautiful memories and you’ve ordered products of your favorites, your USB will be sent togehter with your products.



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Our names are...
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