YAAAY i’m so excited that you want to meet up for a couples shoot with me!

Your love is worth capturing. Not just during the big events in your life, but also the days and moments in between.
Perhaps you only have images of each other, perhaps a selfie or two or a stiff posed image from some party.
But do those images really show YOU? Your love, your warmth and feelings?
I want to capture the big laughs, the warm and cozy hugs and all that is unique to you. Your love for one another.
The hair doesn’t have to look perfect and you don’t even have to look at the camera - it’s the genuine and raw emotions I want to capture for you.
But not just that - I want to give you a fun time filled with love!



Be yourselfs! I know what you might think; “we are not that used to being in front of the camera”. Well none of the other couples I’ve already captured was that either. I’ll guide you through the whole shoot and you don’t have to focus on anything else but each other. I won’t ask you to pose or to look straight into the camera. You’ll mostly get to hug each other, walk around give each other a kiss or two.
I want to capture your love, just as amazing as it really is.



My favourite light is in the evening. Then the light is soft and warm and it’s pure magic that hour before the sun goes down. It’s the same the hour after sun rises in the morning. If the sky is clear and the sun is out we can get beautiful backlight during those times when the sun is set low in the sky.
But it can be just as beautiful a cloudy day or even during rain!
We’ll book your date for your shoot and if the weather would be absolutely crazy like a snowstorm or rain-from-the-side-kind-of-thing (yeah you know…) we can of course reschedule. But otherwise - we’ll just go with it! You and your love is whats important.



Whatever you’d like! Most important is that you have clothes you feel comfortable in.
Think easygoing and relaxed, and perhaps something that suits for piggy-back-rides ^^,
To have clothes in similar tones is always a good idea, but you don’t have to match in every detail or have the same sweater or so.
Sweaters with prints or logos is not recommended, it will steal the focus of YOU and the feeling in the image. If you have any questions or want help with the outfits - let me know!


WHAT do we need to think about?

Most importantly - let go of the thought of “smile and look at the photographer”-kind of thing. Not a big fan of that!
I will guide you through the whole thing of what you’re gonna do, without asking you to pose in any way. You will have a beautiful time together, with lots of hugs, running around and perhaps jump around and be a bit goofy - but it will be fun!
My main focus is to capture your personality and that you feel comfortable the whole time.

The shoot with Linn was amazing!
She made us feel so relaxed and it was so much fun to be photographed by you!
It didn’t feel stiff or awkward in any way. It was a shoot FILLED with love!
— Carolin & Eric


We’ll meet up at the location, either what you’ve requested or from one of the best photo locations I know. During the shoot I will guide you through it all. I might give you some tasks to get that feeling and emotions, or ask you to run around (let’s be a bit goofy!). I will never ask you to “smile to the camera!” or “CHEEEESE”. I will always focus on you to having a good time together as a couple.



Within 2 weeks from the shoot you will get a link to an online gallery to look through all the images. There you choose what images you want to order. The images in the gallery are only to show you the collection of images and you are not permitted to download och use those images. The gallery is open for 2 weeks.
After you’ve placed your order you will get a confirmation to confirm your order. Then your final invoice will be sent through email. After I’ve received your payment the images will be delivered. Digital files are delivered through your online gallery within 2 weeks. For wooden boxes delivery time is 4-6 weeks.


PACKAGE 1 - 9900:- SEK (€990)

This is included:
1 hour photo session
All the images in the gallery (minimum of 40 images, high resolution and web sized)
Delivery 1: Online gallery
Delivery 2: Beautiful handmade swedish wooden box with 10 of your favourite images

PACKAGE 2 - 7900:- SEK (€790)

This is included:
1 hour photo session
All the images in the gallery (minimum of 40 images, high resolution and web sized)
Delivery through Online gallery

PACKAGE 3 - 5900:- SEK (€590)

This is included:
1 hour photo session
10 images from the shoot (high resolution and web sized)
Delivery through Online gallery

When booking a shoot, a booking fee will be sent for 1500:- SEK. This is guarantees your date and will on the final invoice this will be taken off the final cost of the ordered package.

For shoots outside of Halmstad, an added 40:- SEK/10km will be added.
For shoots booked outside of Halland accommodation cost might be added. Contact me to get a quote on this.